Personality Edit

A 15 year old gamer from Barrie, Ontario. He cares deeply for those he's close to and tries to earn the favour of everyone in the group. Being arguably naive, he often pushes what is or isn't socially acceptable. He gets praised, teased and mocked for more or less the same reasons, intelligence, logic, humor, looks, ect, much to sore and ease his insecurities. His lifelong goal is to fulfill his promise that he made to his dad on his deathbed, to become "the greatest person he could ever become". He plans to do this by becoming a paragon of compassion, like he sees his mother as. He wants to take whatever knocks him down and come back stronger and wiser, to the point of wishing to be openly insulted or mocked, claiming that they are "the most honest form of criticism. That being said, he comes across as cheerful and docile and is, along with Mittens, the most likely to get the most out of a dirty joke and/or a quick jape. Also most likely after Keck to tell a joke, and the most likely for the joke to fall flat.

Appearance Edit

He is considered overweight but not by a large margin. He has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair in the "style" of a jewfro. Despite all that, he is praised for being handsome or adorable by women in seemingly every other age group other than his own.

WIN 20160218 23 48 59 Pro

A recent photo of Brennan Low at his Computer.

Interests Edit

He is less a fan of genres and more a fan of series, such as Tales, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Xenoblade. He enjoys the occasional anime or tv series, such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Steins;Gate. He jokes about each of these to those who know the source material.

His favorite game is Cave Story. With other favorites being Super Smash bros. 4, Pokemon Leaf Green and most of the Tales series.

He enjoys commentating and was a former commentator on a twitch channel along with a guy named Peachy, while also having his own channel in the past. He hopes to return to commentating one day.