Welcome to the Members page, where you can locate the individual bios for each member of the Bad Joke Brigand chat group. Edit

-thezeldabros "Mittens"

Self Proclaimed Pun Master of the group, Who plays a small variety of games, such as Racing, RPG, and strategy games. Often ends up as the Butt end of jokes, and is the origin of "God Damnit _____" When calm, he makes a variety of jokes, often times not being puns, and are anything from Racist to Sadistic to just plain mean. Even though all of this is true, flaws include easy to anger, often not knowing when too far is too far, being a lazy asshole. Usually post's jokes about RWBY, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Dirty Jokes in General, and more.


-Brennan Low



-Adler Rabson


-Krafty (Keck) Kecleon

An all-around gamer who enjoys a plethora of different genres, such as RPG, fighting, fantasy and racing games. Often displays a loud and jovial personality that takes center-stage during conversations. When settled, he shows a steadfast attitude and will stop at nothing to help a friend out in times of need. Often posts jokes related to Fire Emblem and Pokemon.


Active Super Smash Bros player and self-proclaimed "good guy of the group". Often mocked for his single relationship status and awkward remarks during conversations; he still has some great moments. Regularly posts RWBY and Smash-related jokes.