Personality Edit

Matthew Menard

Matthew "Skiva" M

A 19-year old university student and editor-in chief of the Bad Joke Brigade Wikia. Predominately known for his excessive obsession over the Wii Fit Trainer character from Super Smash Brothers Wii-U and WiiFit series and his "healthy" choice of wordplay. He is known to be jolly but quirky nature, except for his occasional salty moments when he under-performs. His username: "Jeriskiva", or "Skiva" for short, was conceived only a handful of years ago when he was attempted to develop a name for a role-playing character. He spent days brainstorming a catchy name, but eventually decided to chain some letters together to create a random word that sounded "cool". "Jeriskiva" was what he came up with, and it has stuck with him since.

Appearance Edit

Often described as "rail-thin" by his peers,he doesn't hesitate to spend time at the gym during the evenings. Often displayed with ruffled brown hair and a scraggly beard; an image of his care-free and easy-going personality. Has what has been described as having a, "toilet-water blue" color of eyes.

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Matthew "Skiva" M at the gym. He is doing the arm and leg reach pose.

Interests Edit

Jeriskiva is interested in mostly fighting and RPG games, but is not afraid to venture into sports and racing if the content looks intriguing enough. His also enjoys watching anime, particularly RWBY, Sword Art Online and Steins:Gate, and regularly creates his jokes around these.

His favorite games are Super Smash Brothers for Wii-U, Pokemon, Call of Duty (Black Ops series in particular), Gran Turismo, Bro Force, Crawl and Minecraft.

You can visit his YouTube channel where he posts his clips of Sm4sh gameplay: